Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hello People and Welcome here!

You’are in a special place where everything is about inspiration, motivation, setting goals and reaching them (honestly, it’s a crucial experimental project on my will-power and self-discipline).

I’m Valentina, a positive, dreamy and in general kind girl with a bit poor time perception and lack of will power, but with a huge desire for transformation, and as you know desire decides.

   A wise guy said that all our dreams could be reached in a year. My calendar shows the date of April,8th 2015, watch me next twelve month and the flighty girl will turn into a strong and reliable lady (I believe I will).

Every three month I will set up goals which I always wanted to achieve but for many reasons and excuses couldn’t. Life gives us opportunities and I will use them to finally change my life =) and maybe somebody’s life as well =)

*Be careful! Attending this blog can make all your dreams come true =) 

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